As it is .conf week you’ll excuse us for a shorter tech tip this week. This tip still fits right in with our focus on energy and how we can use Splunk to inform and educate.

This .conf21 session (just released this week and available On Demand) details a Splunk4Good project where the energy production and consumption of a school is monitored through a series of dashboards. The speakers talk through the project aims, how they got the data required and the dashboards they built for the school.

It’s around 30 minutes long and well worth a view to see the art of the possible.

S4U1641C Net Zero School: Case Study On Building an Energy Monitoring System for an Elementary School Using Splunk

Click to access .conf21 online: Splunk .conf21 Login / Registration

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For 2021 we’ve committed to posting a new Splunk tip every week!

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Posted by:Stuart Robertson

Stuart Robertson is the Consulting Director at iDelta. He is one of the initial founders of iDelta and has worked there since formation in 2001. Stuart holds various certifications in Core Splunk and ITSI. Stuart also holds a Bsc(Hons) in Computing Science from the University of Glasgow.