Splunk docs are great when you need to lookup a specific configuration setting or search command – you know what you want to do but just need some help with the syntax. What about when you need some help getting started or you are wondering what the best way to tackle a problem is? That’s where Splunk Lantern fits: “Clear and actionable guidance from Splunk experts”.

There is advice on index naming conventions, building a splunk sandbox, staffing your Splunk team, working with add-ons, detailed technical use cases and many, many more.

Splunk Lantern search bar

Splunk Lantern is a relatively new resource so the advice is up to date. It’s a great way to expand your Splunk knowledge or get advice on tackling specific issues.

For 2021 we’ve committed to posting a new Splunk tip every week!

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Posted by:Stuart Robertson

Stuart Robertson is the Consulting Director at iDelta. He is one of the initial founders of iDelta and has worked there since formation in 2001. Stuart holds various certifications in Core Splunk and ITSI. Stuart also holds a Bsc(Hons) in Computing Science from the University of Glasgow.