Miro is an online whiteboard with an infinite canvas. It’s great tool for visual, iterative development of a Splunk solution. With Miro you can whiteboard your Splunk designs and development work:

  • screenshot dashboards and collate comments and modifications visually
  • save searches in development
  • diagram solution architecture and data flows
  • track tasks via post-it notes
  • design ITSI service hierarchies
  • save web links to relevant documentation and other resources
Designing Splunk Data Onboarding with Miro

Key Features for Splunk Devs and Architects

AWS and Azure icons are available

The key features we’ve found useful are:

  • An easily searchable library of AWS and Azure icons
  • Help keep your sanity while working across multiple stop/start projects – aids quickly picking up where you left off
  • Share and collaborate on your designs
  • Easy to use drawing tools with snap-to connectors
  • Easy add content from Splunk
    • copy and paste Splunk searches as text
    • screenshot and paste in dashboards
  • Design ITSI Services and KPIs using the mind map tool
  • Browser based so works across MacOS, Windows, Linux
  • Free – with limitations

Splunk Icons

Splunk icons are unfortunately not built in but you can download a transparent PNG of various Splunk icons here: Splunk Transparent PNGs


Miro allows you to quickly produce Splunk designs and gather together your various resources in one place. Sharing your online whiteboard in Zoom or Teams calls can aid productivity and help you communicate your design work in a collaborative manner.

Check it out here: miro.com

Posted by:Stuart Robertson

Stuart Robertson is the Consulting Director at iDelta. He is one of the initial founders of iDelta and has worked there since formation in 2001. Stuart holds various certifications in Core Splunk and ITSI. Stuart also holds a Bsc(Hons) in Computing Science from the University of Glasgow.