This input returns information on the deployment of each domain (application) in a given environment.

Events contain information on deploymentIds and domains within the environment, as well as instanceIds and status for each worker in that domain.

Splunk events

Sourcetype: mulesoft:deployments

Timestamp: time that the data was received by Splunk

Sample event:

{"deploymentId": "60af77a566408611ac84277a", "createTime": "2021-05-27T10:42:45.951Z", "startTime": "2021-05-27T10:42:49.951Z", "endTime": "2021-05-27T10:44:33.574Z", "instances": [{"instanceId": "60af77a566408611ac84277a-0", "publicIPAddress": "", "status": "STARTED", "region": "us-east-2"}], "domain": "contactapi-7989847"}

About this input

This input calls the URL{domain}/deployments.

Using the parameters:

It will iterate over every domain (application) within the environment specified when the input is set up and subsequently look at each instance (worker) in that domain. One event is written per domain.

Learn more: Mulesoft documentation.

Posted by:Becky Nielsen

Becky is a certified Splunk Admin, who has been working for iDelta since graduating from CodeClan's Professional Software Development course in 2019. Previously an archivist at several institutions around the UK, she holds an MSc in Information Management and Preservation from the University of Glasgow.