This input returns information (names and IDs) for all environments and business groups (organizations) to which a user has access.
We recommend starting with this input if you want to discover the Environment IDs and Organization IDs for your MuleSoft environments. As such, we have written a guide to using this input: Using the Discovery input.

Splunk events

Sourcetype: mulesoft:discovery

Timestamp: time that data was received by Splunk

Sample event:

{"orgID": "89e80497-85de-4d11-9089-be0c6a927e1a", "orgName": "testGroup2SubA", "envID": "f8408e2c-a661-4266-b034-08c6da6ec6be", "envName": "Sandbox", "parentOrgID": "5fa3f76d-3641-436d-864e-37198ca86b49", "parentOrgName": "testGroup2"}

About this input

This input calls the URL

Using the parameters:

Business Groups (organization) and environment information is extracted from the returned JSON, and a Splunk event is written for each individual environment that the user is a member of.

Learn more: Mulesoft documentation

Posted by:Andrew MacLeod

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