This input returns information relating to all applications in a specified environment. This includes information on the applications, workers and Mulesoft properties.

Splunk events

Sourcetype: mulesoft:mulesoftapplications

Timestamp: time that data was received by Splunk

Sample event:

{"versionId": "60af73c989ccfb2e9ea59dad", "domain": "contactapi-7989847", "fullDomain": "", "properties": {"anypoint.platform.analytics_base_uri": "", "anypoint.platform.client_id": "*", "anypoint.platform.client_secret": "*", "anypoint.platform.base_uri": ""}, "propertiesOptions": {}, "status": "STARTED", "workers": {"type": {"name": "Micro", "weight": 0.1, "cpu": "0.1 vCores", "memory": "500 MB memory"}, "amount": 1, "remainingOrgWorkers": 0.4, "totalOrgWorkers": 0.4}, "lastUpdateTime": 1622112272857, "fileName": "contactapi-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT-mule-application.jar", "muleVersion": {"version": "4.3.0", "updateId": "6099e1e8ff97db153ec3cbc2", "latestUpdateId": "6099e1e8ff97db153ec3cbc2", "endOfSupportDate": 1669852800000}, "region": "us-east-2", "persistentQueues": false, "persistentQueuesEncryptionEnabled": false, "persistentQueuesEncrypted": false, "monitoringEnabled": true, "monitoringAutoRestart": true, "staticIPsEnabled": false, "hasFile": true, "secureDataGatewayEnabled": false, "loggingNgEnabled": true, "loggingCustomLog4JEnabled": false, "cloudObjectStoreRegion": "us-east-2", "insightsReplayDataRegion": "us-east-2", "isDeploymentWaiting": false, "deploymentGroup": {"id": "5ac685b0de9e5022ac802745", "name": "US East (Ohio)"}, "updateRuntimeConfig": false, "trackingSettings": {"trackingLevel": "DISABLED"}, "logLevels": [], "ipAddresses": [], "environmentId": "7345beef-70cb-4387-b26d-2534486a5b98"}

About this input

This input retrieves data from the URL:

Using the parameters:

A Splunk event is written for each application found in the environment. If no applications are found in an environment, the message “No applications found in environment {envID}” is logged.

Learn more: Mulesoft Documentation

Posted by:Andrew MacLeod

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