Historic stats for a queue. Use this API to get historic stats for a queue, up to 15 months old. This stat is not real-time and expects up to 10 minutes latency before data is published.
To keep the volume of data under control, historic data is retained at reduced levels of granularity. Second level data points are retained for 3 hours, one minute data points are available for the past 15 days, five-minute data points up to 63 days and one-hour data points for up to 15 months.

Splunk events

Sourcetype: mulesoft:mqstats:historic

Timestamp: is equal to the value associated with the ‘date’ key provided by MuleSoft

Sample event:

About this input

This input calls the URL:


Using the parameters:

For each destination (also referred to as a queue), the checkpointed date (the date from when the input was last run) is retrieved. This is used as the startDate parameter in the above URL, while the current date/time is used as the endDate parameter.

The JSON response for each destination is stored as an individual event.

Learn more: Mulesoft documentation

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