Did you know that there is a pre-configured Splunk Enterprise Docker image? This means that, via Docker, you quickly and easily get an instance of Splunk up and running. This is great if you want to try out some new Splunk features or if you want to carry out a proof of concept.

New to Docker? Head over to the official Docker site to find out more:
Docker Engine overview | Docker Documentation

Splunk have covered all of the basics in terms of getting Splunk Enterprise up via Docker here
Deploy and run Splunk Enterprise inside a Docker container – Splunk Documentation

Keep an eye out for upcoming posts, where we will explore topics such as:

  • data persistence
  • deploying universal forwarders inside Docker containers
  • installing Splunk apps

For 2021 we’ve committed to posting a new Splunk tip every week!

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Posted by:Andrew MacLeod

Andrew is a certified Splunk Admin and has worked for iDelta for over two years. Previously, he worked as an actuarial analyst in the life and pensions industry - a role that he was in for over 7 years before deciding to embark on a career change into the IT industry. He holds an MPhys degree in theoretical physics from the University of Edinburgh. Outside of work he is a big puzzle fan, with a particular penchant for things cruciverbal and mathematical.

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