iDelta is proud to present the MuleSoft CloudHub add-on for Splunk!

By combining our expert knowledge of Splunk with our understanding of MuleSoft’s CloudHub API, we have created this powerful add-on which provides comprehensive observability of your CloudHub APIs within Splunk.

Get data from your CloudHub environment into Splunk

The add-on has many features including:

  • Error-logging of non-performant APIs
  • ID logging for correlation across different metrics
  • Ability to choose which APIs to monitor
  • Ingestion of metadata inputs
  • Statistics related to:
    • worker performance
    • environment metadata
    • message queues
    • ping
    • alerts

The add-on is now available to download for free from Splunkbase.

For more information on how this add-on works, refer to our user manual.

Posted by:Becky Nielsen

Becky is a certified Splunk Admin, who has been working for iDelta since graduating from CodeClan's Professional Software Development course in 2019. Previously an archivist at several institutions around the UK, she holds an MSc in Information Management and Preservation from the University of Glasgow.

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