What is Machine Data?

Machine Data is one of the most important data types for any organisation.

Machine-generated data is one of the fastest growing and complex areas of big data. It’s also one of the most valuable, containing a definitive record of all user transactions, customer behaviour, machine behaviour, security threats, fraudulent activity and more.

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At iDelta, we use Splunk to turn our customers’ machine data into valuable insights. You can find out more about Splunk and machine data on the Splunk website.

Machine data workshops

Aina Puncule and Becky Nielsen at CodeClan

We recently visited CodeClan, Scotland’s digital skills academy, to provide a workshop to students on the Data Analysis course about Splunk and machine learning. During the workshop we used official Splunk Machine Data 101 Workshop slides. We have modified the slides to ensure that our workshop is relevant to Financial Services, the space within which we operate. We also generated custom Open Banking data for the students to use.

In a three hour lab experience, we guided the students through the basics of machine data analysis using Splunk through a series of hands-on exercises. By the end of the workshop, the students went from knowing nothing about Splunk to having operational dashboards for monitoring Open Banking API calls.

Thank you for your time and for the demo ! It was really interesting

CodeClan Student

We have also run this workshop in our customer offices and at our iDelta office, with the aim of helping attendees to:

  • Get a complete overview and demonstrations of the basics of machine data analysis
  • Learn how to tap into Machine Data to investigate their organisation’s entire IT infrastructure – physical, virtual and cloud – with alerts and dashboards.
  • And to learn ways to answer fundamental questions of “what, who, when, where, how, and what do I do next”.

Customers report that they find the workshops to be informative, engaging and useful:

This workshop really went above my expectations. It made me engaged and highly motivated learning about Splunk. It will be great if such events continue.

Financial Services Customer

Very good presenter and very knowledgeable. A lot of useful information in a short time.

Financial Services Customer

If you would like us to run one of these workshops for you, drop us an email at info@idelta.co.uk

Posted by:Aina Puncule

Aina Puncule has been working as a Technical Consultant at iDelta for 3 years. She is skilled in the elicitation of requirements, design, implementation and delivery of technical solutions. Aina has great communication skills and loves working with customers. She currently holds Splunk Certified Consultant certification and First Class Degree in BSC (Hons) Business Information Systems.

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