This input will return a list of destinations (queues and exchanges) in a specified environment.

Splunk events

Sourcetype: mulesoft:queuediscovery

Timestamp: time data was received by Splunk

Sample event:

About this input

This input calls the URL:{organizationId}/environments/{environmentId}/regions/{regionId}/destinations

Using the parameters:

Using the organizationId and environmentId provided when the input is configured, the input will check each region to see if they contain queues. If a queue is found, the queue Id and some other information are written into a Splunk event for each destination found.

Learn more: Mulesoft documentation

Posted by:Andrew MacLeod

Andrew is a certified Splunk Admin and has worked for iDelta for over two years. Previously, he worked as an actuarial analyst in the life and pensions industry - a role that he was in for over 7 years before deciding to embark on a career change into the IT industry. He holds an MPhys degree in theoretical physics from the University of Edinburgh. Outside of work he is a big puzzle fan, with a particular penchant for things cruciverbal and mathematical.